Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Elderfield speech to the MacGill Summer School - governance angle

Matthew Elderfield's speech this week to the MacGill Summer School was on the future of Irish banking, but has a heavy corporate governance flavour, so I picked out the pieces with cross-over relevance for Insurance;
  • "We have learned from the banking crisis the importance of good corporate governance" - I actually thought we learned about the folie a deux of rancid corporate governance mixed with an intimidated and unskilled regulator, and the inquest seemed to support that
  • New powers on fitness and probity (for all financial services) will come in later this year (prohibitions, suspensions and removals of execs and non-execs)
  • Law containing new powers has been drafted in a way that "grandfathers in" existing board members - regulator however will retrospectively review all bailed-out bank board members if they haven't been replaced since the crisis
  • Anticipating legal challenges from said executives!
  • Invites said executives to "take up the Minister's (Michael Noonan's) request to act in the public interest" and jump before being pushed
  • PRISM framework for a tiered supervisory approach will be rolled out towards the end of this year, and more fully next year - He is "sure it will take a while to bed down" - I'm not sure how much leeway that gives any non-conformists however!

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