Wednesday, 6 July 2011

LRN Ethics and Compliance Leadership survey - contradictions

I read through this US-centric publication on corporate Ethics and Compliance trends (107 companies in the sample, you may need to quickly register).

I was surprised to see that, with the majority supporting existing imperatives such as aligning "core values with day-to-day operations" and improving applicability and understanding of individual "Codes of Conduct" that the emphasis on data security centred around privacy and preventing hacks or malicious leaks - surely if one runs an ethical and compliant business, they would not need to worry about Wikileak-style unmasking of institutional misconduct!

Also, over half of respondents report through the General Counsel - not traditionally a path that would allow for enterprise-wide enlightenment, and the recommendations of the research certainly advise as much with its "Less legalistic, more business orientated" theme.

Amusing was the Sales/Distribution function coming top of the ""areas of greatest concern in promoting a strong ethical culture" - poor them!

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