Thursday, 7 July 2011

Swiss Re World Insurance in 2010 sigma study - no love for Solvency II

Swiss Re have pushed out their World Insurance trends research - expect to see it cited from pillar to post, as it is an exceptional body of work, with a whole host of uses (benchmarking, strategic planning and risk monetising as a minimum).

I have just kept an eye on the Solvency II aspects - references were as follows;
  • Higher capital requirements for long-tail business and "overly stringent" capital requirements noted as a challenge which could undermine profitability
  • "Onerous" capital requirements deriving from Solvency II could harm policyholders and economic growth
  • Life companies will be "forced to shift assets into less risk asset classes"
  • "Stricter solvency regulation (Solvency II) and higher capital requirements will be implemented by ratings agencies going forward"
  • "Positive step" of Solvency II nullified somewhat by the tightening of "key parameters" since the credit crisis, leading to (potentially) higher capital requirements for "the most important life insurance products"
All in all, pretty negative as far as the predicted impact of Solvency II in its current form on the future of the insurance industry. Fair?

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